Generate QR Code

This tool can generate a QR Code on the basis of input information. You can use a URL or a text, but also other information.


This tool generates 2nd generation QR code. They are less sensitive to distortion (distortion happens when shooting is not made in front of the code but on the side).
There are sites that offer to integrate your logo a QR Code. It is not a good idea if you want your QR Code to be readable and that the message you want to convey is understood.
Indeed, by incorporating an image in the middle of the QR code you decrease the robustness of the code to recover the lost data (hidden by the logo). It is possible that it works, but we recommend not.
In addition, it is important to keep a good contrast between the background color chosen and the color for the "square". This increase accordingly readability code in unfavorable locations or optical sensors of low quality.

What is the QR Code?

Code QR stands for Quick Response Code. This is a 2-dimensional bar code (in the form of a matrix).

It was designed primarily for the automotive sector in Japan where labels with standard barcodes (UPC type) were no longer enough and did not allow to store enough information about the product to which they were attached. It allows to encode data from 4 different types:. Numeric, alphanumeric, binary, or kanji.

The QR code is often used to provide information more quickly, usually via a simple picture on a smartphone. It is also used to encode a URL, a text, a business card, connection information of a wireless network wifi, etc ...

The QR Code was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave.

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