SEO URL Rewriting - Generate rules automatically

This tool will allow you to automatically create url rewriting rules based on a list of url passed as arguments. The URL rewriting technique is a SEO (Search engines optimization) technique encouraged by the search engines. It facilitates their work and make sure that they understand better the structure of your content.

How it works
The $_GET variables and their values ​​will be included in the name of a file (first output of the script) or in a structure of folders (second exit the tool). This helps to integrate in the treatment of URLs and facilitate the work of search engines. Having a hierarchical folder structure and file names rather than type URL /tutorials.php?language=en&=article=create_url. The result could be something like /en/tutorials/article/create_url

The tool is added to each end of the line a little tag [L] . This tag means that the script will stop as soon as a match rule with the URL requested by the user. It is therefore important to check the order of the rules to avoid redirect the user to a bad page.
These rules will help to redirect the user. For example, if the user tries to access the url:

It will execute the script with GET parameters:
index.php? Language = en & tools & module = function = generate_url 

The URL rewriting is used to create a dummy folder and file structure on your server. This will facilitate the work of search engines and you only have to create a kind of index.php with all the content and calls to the data base in it.

The content of the rules has to be copied in the file .htaccess probably at the root of your site www.

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