Geolocate an IPv4 or IPv6

This tool locates IP addresses. When you specify an IP address, we can give you the country to which it is assigned to.

Your IP address :


Country code 2 charactersUS
Country code 3 charactersUSA
Country  United States

Precision : Why stop to the country ?

Our tool will give a precision that stops the country. It is very difficult to have a precise location, city or even street.

Indeed, the localization is done by IP address range. These IP addresses (part of the same range) are dynamically allocated by the Internet access providers. The location can therefore change very quickly because the user's IP address is not always the same. This is the dynamic allocation of IP addresses.

Moreover, it is not uncommon that the real Internet address is masked by the ISP, or for reasons of anonymity, either for technical reasons (to use private address ranges for example) .

It is always possible to try to go through methods and protocols like a traceroute, but again you need a perfect knowledge of the internet service provider to locate the nodes through which one you go to reach the recipient.

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