Get Youtube video thumbnails with video link

This tool can recover thumbnails (thumbnails) used for Youtube videos. The different resolutions are given. It is possible to see thumbnails that have been proposed by Youtube and not utilsées by the person uploading the video.

The tool is based on video having a $_GET variable 'v'. If http or https are not present, it is not a problem for the script to retrieve thumbnails.

Example :

- Thumbnail 0
- Thumbnail 1
- Thumbnail 2
- The thumbnail used by default for the video (from the set of thumbnails 1.jpg, 2.jpg and 3.jpg).
- Link to the high quality version of the thumbnail
- Default thumbnail in medium quality version
- Default thumbnail in standard quality version
- Default thumbnail in the maximum resolution version

All the links given above can be used as https. The link can also be replaced from by

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