My IP address

This tool gives you your IP address.

We also have another tool that might interest you. It allows to geolocate IP addresses, whether they are IP v4 or v6. This IP geolocation tool is accessible here.

It is possible that your connection uses both IPv4 address and IPv6 address according to the architecture of the network used by your Internet Service Provider. This may be converted or changed for compatibility worries.
How to recognize an ip v4 or ip v6 address?

It is possible to recognize these to their length and format. Here are 2 examples quite telling:
  • IPv4 :
  • IPv6 : 2a03:a03f:2a66:6820:81f8:2e36:183e:70f3

The first sign is that the version 4 uses points . as separators, while version 6 using 2 points :. Furthermore the possible characters for version 4 are only digital while for version 6 these are hexadecimal strings, ranging from 0 to 9 and a to f.

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