Convert JSON to XML

This tool converts input from JSON to XML. 2 outputs will be returned, one beautified to ease the reading and the second a compressed XML format without line breaks or indentation.

Convert XML to JSON

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. It has been created to be readable by humans. This standard makes easier data transit between server and web application. It is an alternative to XML format. The structure is based on pairs of Attributes / Values.

Even if this data format takes its origin from the Javascript language it is independant.

Pairs of data are always in this format :

	name1 : value1,
	name2 : value2,

Example :

  "lastName": "Doe",
  "firstName": "John",
  "amI": true,
  "age": 20,
  "mail": [
"type": "home", "address": "" }, { "type": "office", "address": "" } ] }

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